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The Best Health Insurance You Can Have is A Healthy Body

Want to get to the healthiest, happiest, fittest days of your life

all from the comfort of your home?

So, what's this 21-Day Virtual Challenge all about anyway?

The 21-Day Virtual Challenge is a kickstart program designed to boost your immune system, lose weight, and improve your overall health.

We use the perfect trifecta of:

✅ Unlimited Virtual Training

✅ Jumpstart Nutrition Guide

✅ And Coach Accountability Meetings

To get you results.

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Virtual Training Experience👇👇

Our community has never been stronger

I'm amazed at the great things AF staff continue to do for clients during this crazy Pandemic. I've not gone to the gym since last March and am so very grateful that Susan (the DEFY coach) can still train me via Zoom. Our DEFY sessions are great and I encourage everyone (no matter age or ability) to join us. Thanks to everyone at AF !!!! You guys are the best!

-Katie Potter

"I love having options for workouts at home. This is great! I really like the ongoing coaching and feedback from the virtual experience."

- Beth

It's been just a real gift to be able to train online! I was concerned when the gym closed about how I was going to keep up with my fitness, but it has been absolutely vital to me and I don't know what I would do without AF Virtual Training program.

-Jody Bystrom

Here's our dynamic line-up of coaches all available virtually:

Nathan Jespersen


Allison Owings

Quality Director

Trystin Smith

Marketing Director & Coach

Heather Anderson

General Manager

Chris Berg


Melanie Hoaglund


Josh Merrick

Training Manager

Emma Samletzka


Rylie Marcotte


Jon Elizondo

General Manager

Emily Bevacqua

Assistant Manager & Coach

Nick Viikinsalo


Maurice Moore

General Manager

Dani Berringer

Assistant Manager & Coach

Manny Cobo


Mary Janisch

General Manager

Kayla Roeber


Hunter Koenigs


Susan Watchman


Live, interactive training sessions available throughout the day!

Questions? We got you.

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